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I believe that animals do not have a voice and it's up to humans to speak for them.  I am dedicated to helping pets in need through donating personal time and sponsoring fundraising events through my business throughout the year for Make A Friend In Animals (MAFIA).

MAFIA is a 501c3 non profit organization in Winnsboro, South Carolina that is dedicated to helping abused, neglected and unwanted pets in Fairfield County as well as other rural areas.  It is a very small organization that relies soley on volunteers and donations.  I am not only a volunteer with this organization but wear many hats within. I serve as an officer in the governing body and am responsible for  marketing as well as fundraising.


One event that I sponsor through T L Designs is Wreathing For Pets, an occational fundraiser hosted live on our Facebook page.   Viewers are invited to interact with me as I design a wreath and explains how its done.  Once the wreath is completed, it will be up for sale, shipping is available if needed.

100% of the funds from the sale will be donated to MAFIA which will aid in veterinary, preventative and nutritional care of the pets of MAFIA that are waiting for their furever home.

If you are interested in this program please make sure to follow us  on Facebook and sign up for our Live Alerts.

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